• You will become the Chosen One

  • The Journey starts with you

  • Magical Device

  • Magic Stone Bobo, your Journey Guardian

  • The Characters You Will Meet

  • The Challenges You Will Face

  • Explore Planet J

You will become the Chosen One

Myths and legends last through generations. Have you ever heard of The Magic Stone Kingdom?
The people of The Magic Stone Kingdom lived in harmony with the Magic Stone Creatures along with the Dragon Race as their guardians.
It was not until one misty night, a giant Dragon flew over Silver Moon Valley setting the entire place on fire. The people fled and watched their home burned under flames from afar. On the same night, some Magic Stone Creatures turned evil and started attacking everyone and destroyed everything around them.
The Royal Knights and Wizards did everything they could to help protect their home, but the evil creatures were too strong. The Kingdom is under attack and won't be able to hold on for much longer!
It was foretold in an ancient prophecy that when the Kingdom falls into great danger, an Adventurer from another world shall come to the rescue.
You are the chosen Adventurer! Make haste, join Magic Stone Bobo and start your journey together!

The Journey starts with you

You will become the legendary Adventurer from another world. Along the way, you will be assigned different quests and will need to interact with different characters. Every decision you make will affect The Magic Stone Kingdom's fate.

Magical Device

Each Adventurer will be given a "Magic Scroll" that tracks the game progress. Whenever you return to the Kingdom, you can pick up from where you left off. The Adventurer will also be accompanied by a "Magic Stone Bobo", a guardian who will help guide you through each quest in your journey.

Magic Stone Bobo, your Journey Guardian

Only those destined to travel with a Magic Stone Bobo can cast magic. Whenever you come upon a new challenge, Magic Stone Bobo along with its "Magic Scroll" will do the best to help you through hurdles, complete your task, and save the Kingdom from peril.

The Characters You Will Meet

"As the Prince of The Magic Stone Kingdom, my soldiers and I vow to protect the Kingdom with our lives. For The Magic Stone Kingdom, we will not give up!"

Even though Gabriel is the Prince of The Magic Stone Kingdom, he insists on leading the soldiers in the fight against the Evil Magic Stone Creatures himself. His fighting spirit, strong will, and sense of duty to the Kingdom and its people have earned their respect and admiration.

"A great peril has fallen upon the Kingdom but I shall not despair for the fate and hope of the people rests on the wizards' shoulders. There is nothing in this world that magic cannot solve."

Odin became a Royal Wizard at a very young age. He is constantly looking for new ways to improve the ways of life for the Kingdom through magic. Witty and possessing great leadership qualities, he was elected as Acting Chief Royal Wizard.

"No matter what race - Human, Magic Stone Creature or Dragon, I do not wish them harm... If there is danger, I will be at the front-lines helping the wounded. That is my responsibility as the Princess of The Magic Stone Kingdom!"

As the Princess of The Magic Stone Kingdom, Belle often travels to various towns and villages to meet with the people. Cheerful and optimistic, she is much loved by everyone in the Kingdom. After the Silver Moon attack, she took the initiative to help out at Rescue Point and tend to wounded soldiers and Magic Stone Creatures.

"Do you want to know a secret of the Dragons? Come closer... I'll tell you, but you'll need to share a secret in return! You want a secret of mine? I can't give that away so easily!"

Alice, Magic Stone Store owner appeared out of nowhere a few years ago. Worldly and wise in Dragon Race history, she shares little about herself and is a mysteriously charming woman.

"...No one can stop me!"

A mysterious figure was often seen outside of the Kingdom borders. Whenever this dangerous figure appears, Evil Magic Stone Creatures are spotted nearby.

There are many other fascinating beings waiting to meet you!

The Challenges You Will Face

Crytic Relics

A magical seal was cast upon this formation to hide the Kingdom's deepest and darkest secrets. Can the Adventurer find a way to solve this mystery and save The Magic Stone Kingdom from a fiery demise?

Magic Crystal Furnace

The magic crystal furnace mining equipment created by the Royal Wizards is broken. The wizards tried everything but they couldn't find a way to fix it. It is up to the knowledgeable Adventurer to find the crucial link and solve the mystery!

Step Step Dance Volcano

In the heart of The Magic Stone Kingdom lies an ancient sleeping volcano. At its bottom is the home of the Ice Fire Bees. One day, the volcano suddenly erupted trapping the bees inside. It is up to the nimble Adventurer to help the Ice Fire Bees escape from this crisis!

Gear Refinery

Magical instruments were designed by Alexander - Weapon Designer, Oscar - Smithy along with the Royal Wizards. As the instruments need to be handled delicately, only the nimble Adventurer can put it to use and extract the "Super Stone"!

Tree of Twin Spirits

The Twin Spirit Tree seems to have lost his life source. The fairies that live amongst the tree are in desperate need of help. Only the Adventurer can solve this mystery and save everyone from this crisis!

There are many more landmarks in the kingdom awaiting for you to discover!

Explore Planet J